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Helooo Lashes !

The eyelash lift is an advancement on the lash perm. Each lash lifts individually on the silicone pad and gets curled to a chosen size and after the curling the eyelashes get tinted. Practically pain free procedure lasts for a little over an hour. The eyelash lift makes eyes look big, bright and appealing as it adds fullness and body to the lashes. As lashes relax in to a natural state one needs to repeat a procedure. It’s about a month for natural blondes and up to 2 months for brunettes. Eyelash lift is safe, cost and time effective for someone with sensitivity who’s looking to have gorgeous, natural looking lashes. The mascara can be used as well to produce dramatic length and volume but not necessarily for every day use. 
At Inga’s Beauty Studio we named the procedure:




Shugaring or hair removal with sugar paste or gel is an ancient Middle East practice that uses all natural ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice and sometimes added essential oils, honey and salt.
And according to Inga, the owner of Inga’s Beauty Studio and a licensed esthetician with more than 20 years of experience in Europe and America, is one of the best and safest way for sensitive skin to remove unwanted hair and keep it smooth for up to 6 weeks. Sugar paste vs regular waxing that leaves a certain percentage of hair broken and still in the follicles, is a very gentle way of pulling out all hair by enveloping each strand in to a sweet embrace and leaves the skin completely bare. 


4D Lifting Massage Training

Cosmetologists and massage therapists! LATEST NEWS!!! You have a unique opportunity to learn 4D-lifting massage!

It is an author’s technique, which has no analogues in the USA
It contains the best massage features and methods. The massage is based on a 4-dimensional effect, which brings out the full potential of manual plastics!

Patients will line up to try this procedure and achieve an excellent results of rejuvenation and facelift.

In our school you will receive necessary theoretical knowledge, secrets and nuances of 4D massage, as well as practical skills! 

Price $950!

Let me introduce a new, unique 4D facial lifting massage, which is an analogue to a non-surgical facial plastic. It is kind of fitness for facial muscles. 

4d lifting massage is based on 4-dimensional actions:
✅ It removes nasolabial folds
✅ It tightens the skin around the neck and eyebrow areas
✅ It removes flabbiness and sagging skin along the lower edge of the face and on the chin
✅ It provides facial lifting starting from the first procedure
✅ It provides better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of skin tissues
✅ It promotes skin regeneration and enhancement
✅ It smoothes mimic and age wrinkles
✅ It improves face contour and
restores tissue tone
✅ It strengthens blood vessels and accelerates oxygen supply to skin tissues
✅ It reduces the severity of spider veins, and eliminates swelling as well as circles under the eyes

Results are visible after the first procedure! 

Cosmetologists and Massagists who have finished the 4D Lifting Massage course and received a certificate:

✅Tamilya Bagirova (tamilya77@gmail.com)

✅Zagubizhenko Yuliya(Juliazagub@gmail.com)

Anticellulite program

Inga the owner of Inga’s Beauty Studio created and patented one of a kind, a complete program to help women of all ages to look fabulous and feel confident wearing bikini, short skirts, shorts or nothing at all !
A revolutionary 
anti-cellulite therapy we call “Lipolisys” breaks and gets rid of fatty deposits that are formed beneath the skin. 
The “Lipolisys” therapy is in great demand among our clientele and there’s a wait list to have it done. 
It’s a complex 4 step treatment.
The massus combines a deep pressure technique, radio frequency, cupping, ultra-sound, special wrapping and an herb infused serum to sculpture the bod of your dreams. 
For a program to be effective and show fast results Inga recommends to repeat the treatment 1-2 times a week and complete 10-12 sessions.

To free your body from the cellulite call to schedule your appointment

– elimination of stagnant phenomena,
– improvement of blood circulation,
– lymphatic drainage,
– dermal breathing,
– withdrawal of toxins. ,
– reducing the waist, hips, arms
– “Liquefied” subcutaneous fat,
– resorption of edema,
– normalization of metabolic processes.

The ability to learn beauty. Individual classes of Face Lifting

Every woman dreams to look stunning. To be so beautiful that the men turn around and look at them with awe. But often a similar result depends on a number of nuances:
• natural givens
• age
• the quality of physiology
• Knowledge of caring for yourself.

By maintaining all points given above, it will be easy to obtain knowledge on what to do, after all anyone can do it!. After completing the course of individual studies under my direction, you can significantly change for the better, overcoming the age-related changes and environmental influences.

Individual lessons – features and nuances
The word “occupation” is most often associated with cognitive activity. When referring to this term, in your head automatically appears a child or adult sitting behind a desk doing some type of work in any field of the sciences.
But strangely enough, in the field of beauty and skin care, we can also talk about classes. After all, women do not know how to use cosmetics and courtship straight from birth. These secrets are taught by moms or other women. But such methods of training do not always bring a positive result, and then regret notice a young beautiful girl with an absurd make-up or hairdo.
The best source of education is undoubtedly, professionals. The masters of their business thoroughly study all the nuances associated with what they do. This fact is confirmed by couturiers, cosmetologists and hairdressers with world names. Having managed to learn the knowledge of such people in the field of female beauty, you can look all your life incomparably.

As a rule, classes are divided into group and individuals. This division takes place according to the number of people present and the type of material supply. Individual type of training has significant advantages in comparison with the group one:
Small number of groups. You will not be distracted from knowing a new large number of people.
Better mastering of the material is a consequence of the small number of people present and the opportunity to always clarify any incomprehensible question.
Individual approach to each client. When teaching beauty, this is especially important, because each of the fair sex has a unique appearance, type of face, skin structure.
Experience exchange. With a large audience it is impossible to listen to everyone – it will take a lot of time. In a group of several people you can easily listen to the opinion of a friend and tell her about your achievements in the field of self-care.

Thus, by attending individual classes, you will be able to achieve a positive result in a short time, namely, to change for the better, to significantly improve and improve your appearance. After completing the course of my individual studies, you will become original, learn how to manage age and look irresistible in any simple outfit!