Today, almost everyone talks about the harmfulness of sunlight. 😎 But how come? What is the harm of sun if it is recommended to breathe fresh air at sea and catch some sun at the beach at least 14 days, or preferably all 21 ?! Sunlight is also involved in the production of melanin and vitamin D.”But what exactly is harmful about the sun?” “How can you safely rest and get a beautiful even tan without harm to the body, skin and hair?” “What UVA, UVB and UVC rays should I worry about?”
There are 3 types of sunlight:
❣👉UVC very short range of waves is filtered out even when passing through the atmosphere of the earth, and therefore we are not in danger. We can definitely cross it out on our list in “rays to worry about.”
❣👉UVB medium range ultraviolet radiation is scattered to a greater extent when reaching the earth’s surface, including clouds, and also retain the window (as opposed to UVA rays). Despite this, we reserve the list of “to worry” – from them we get a sunburn, and the kind of waves can cause abnormal development of cells, namely, a mutation that can lead to skin cancer.
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (octyl methoxycinnamate), Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid provide UVB filter and is designated as SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Such filters are called chemical – they absorb solar radiation, thanks to its structure. They penetrate the skin and from the inside absorb harmful rays.
❣👉UVA long range ultraviolet light that reaches 95% of the land surface, and that should be considered in any climatic zone and under any weather conditions. This type of rays involved in the “creation” of sunburn on the skin, but not only – their penetration into the skin deep enough, so these rays are considered among the most dangerous. They are the source of the formation of free radicals and are the cause of photoaging.We emphasize that neither clouds nor winter are protected from UVA rays, so the cream with SPF from UVA should be used not only in the summer in the period of visible solar activity, but also in winter!

Anticellulite program

What is cellulite?
This is a change in the structure of adipose tissue. Because of a violation in metabolism, the blood flow is malfunctioning, the tissue is poorly washed by lymph, which means that the decay products at the cellular level are not completely utilized. Micro-nodules are formed under the skin, which then do not disappear. As a result, the skin becomes bumpy and when light compression begins to resemble an orange peel.
The mechanism of cellulite formation lies in malnutrition, violation of biorhythms. Cellulite occurs in every third woman and at the age of 25 to 30 years and in four women out of five at the age of 30 to 40. The appearance of cellulite is a worsening of the circulation of blood and lymph in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. As a result of hormonal changes, disturbances in water salt metabolism in the body, the tubules become blocked and tissues accumulate fat metabolism products. This is due to inadequacy, changes in the structure of nutrition and, not least, external stressors.

INTRODUCING a special for you anti-cellulite program:

Stage 1. RF-lifting for the body
2 stage. Vacuum body massage
Stage 3. Ultrasound therapy
4 stage. Anti-cellulite wrapping

– elimination of stagnant phenomena,
– improvement of blood circulation,
– lymphatic drainage,
– dermal breathing,
– withdrawal of toxins. ,
– reducing the waist, hips, arms
– “Liquefied” subcutaneous fat,
– resorption of edema, – normalization of metabolic processes.

Indications – cellulite, flabbiness of skin, stretch marks, local fatty deposits.
Apply to the Anti-Cellulite Program at 347-252-6666

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How to take care of your new eyelash extensions?

📍 In the first 24 hours after the build-up, direct contact with water should be avoided.

In the first 48 hours you should not visit the sauna and pool, nor should there be any procedures related to high humidity and temperature.

Try to touch the eyes less and do not rub them. Eyelashes can be damaged or torn off. In any case, you need to minimize eye contact with your hands, and if you need to, for example, insert lenses, be sure to keep your hands clean.

📍Avoid the use of oily cosmetics or products containing oils. It is known that fats from the oils are the main enemies of the glue that holds the eyelashes, because of them the glue loses its properties and eyelashes can simply fall away. So, for washing you can apply gel means on a water basis.

📍Be careful not to lie face down in your pillow during sleep.

📍Do not use mascara. The most common lashes do not need to be tinted, but if you still decide to use mascara, then you need to choose mascara on a water base, which is applied to the lashes from the middle and to the tips. A water-resistant mascara will harm the extended eyelashes, and especially the means to remove it.

📍Do not use tools to curl and twist eyelashes, this can lead to the elimination of the eyelash extensions..

📍A “spoolie” or brush, can help you  maintain the neat appearance of your new eyelash extensions. With its help you can eliminate gluing, and fluff lashes. Of course, you need to use it carefully, without touching the line of eyelash growth. Look after your extensions carefully and they will last you for a long time

Beauty and Youth, for years on end.

Modern women are actively and very successfully struggling with their age. Every year new ways of fighting wrinkles and of the skin appear.
Last decade’s most effective method of rejuvenation was plastic surgery. Thanks to the intervention of doctors, the surpluses of the sagging skin are cut off,
As a result, a woman becomes younger for several years.
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