Beauty and Youth, for years on end.

Modern women are actively and very successfully struggling with their age. Every year new ways of fighting wrinkles and of the skin appear.
Last decade’s most effective method of rejuvenation was plastic surgery. Thanks to the intervention of doctors, the surpluses of the sagging skin are cut off,
As a result, a woman becomes younger for several years.
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What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics,still in ancient Greece is considered a set of physical exercises to maintain the body in excellent shape. As a rule, with gymnastics is most often associated with a set of movements that a person performs, waking up in the morning or coming to the gym.
The favorable result of this sport activity is formed as follows:
When certain movements are performed, the muscles tighten and train, breathing quickens, the work of the heart, the blood flow becomes active. Because of these processes, the body is charged with energy, the body acquires vigor and becomes more enduring.
Face gymnastics – youth and beauty for a long time
For a woman it is very important to maintain not only a figure in excellent condition, but also take care of her face. And here facial gymnastics will help you regain your beauty and youth.
It is worth noting that the effect of body fitness becomes visible only after several weeks of training. The positive result of facial fitness will manifest itself in a shorter period. This is due to the following factor:

In the human body between the muscles and the skin is a fatty layer. On the face this layer is very thin, the muscles are attached to the bones on one side, and on the other, they adhere to either the other muscles or directly to the skin. Thus, any contraction of the facial muscles actively affects the skin. When muscle tissue is inactive, the drying process begins, which leads to a decrease in length. Skin covers can not decrease as well as muscle, so they sag.

With the activation of the muscular frame of the face, your skin will become elastic. With regular exercise of facial lifting exercises, in a short time, improvement in the appearance of the face becomes noticeable.

Gymnastics is a source of nutrients
The appearance of wrinkles on the face is also due to the fact that with age, the skin loses nutrients. These proteins are responsible for maintaining elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
But here gymnastics comes to the rescue. When performing exercises, the blood rushes, active saturation of cells with nutrients. Thanks to this, stimulation of the development of the components necessary for youthfulness, occurs.
When gymnastics is stimulated by the movement of lymph, which helps to eliminate stagnation and the withdrawal of unnecessary substances.
All described processes have a positive effect on the skin condition, rejuvenation and recovery of the appearance of the face.
Facial lifting courses will help you without complex operations and costly injections to look younger, give your skin freshness and healthy appearance!
Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages… you will look younger than your girlfriends. But eventually you will be reconciled, that you are an individual. We are sure that you will cope with this.

The ability to learn beauty. Individual classes of Face Lifting

Every woman dreams to look stunning. To be so beautiful that the men turn around and look at them with awe. But often a similar result depends on a number of nuances:
• natural givens
• age
• the quality of physiology
• Knowledge of caring for yourself.

By maintaining all points given above, it will be easy to obtain knowledge on what to do, after all anyone can do it!. After completing the course of individual studies under my direction, you can significantly change for the better, overcoming the age-related changes and environmental influences.

Individual lessons – features and nuances
The word “occupation” is most often associated with cognitive activity. When referring to this term, in your head automatically appears a child or adult sitting behind a desk doing some type of work in any field of the sciences.
But strangely enough, in the field of beauty and skin care, we can also talk about classes. After all, women do not know how to use cosmetics and courtship straight from birth. These secrets are taught by moms or other women. But such methods of training do not always bring a positive result, and then regret notice a young beautiful girl with an absurd make-up or hairdo.
The best source of education is undoubtedly, professionals. The masters of their business thoroughly study all the nuances associated with what they do. This fact is confirmed by couturiers, cosmetologists and hairdressers with world names. Having managed to learn the knowledge of such people in the field of female beauty, you can look all your life incomparably.

As a rule, classes are divided into group and individuals. This division takes place according to the number of people present and the type of material supply. Individual type of training has significant advantages in comparison with the group one:
Small number of groups. You will not be distracted from knowing a new large number of people.
Better mastering of the material is a consequence of the small number of people present and the opportunity to always clarify any incomprehensible question.
Individual approach to each client. When teaching beauty, this is especially important, because each of the fair sex has a unique appearance, type of face, skin structure.
Experience exchange. With a large audience it is impossible to listen to everyone – it will take a lot of time. In a group of several people you can easily listen to the opinion of a friend and tell her about your achievements in the field of self-care.

Thus, by attending individual classes, you will be able to achieve a positive result in a short time, namely, to change for the better, to significantly improve and improve your appearance. After completing the course of my individual studies, you will become original, learn how to manage age and look irresistible in any simple outfit!


The more I read about Japanese food culture, the more I’m getting interested. Although Japanese food is not on itself 100 % healthy , think about white rice, white bread, high in salt, a lot of battered, breaded and deep fried foods and sugar. However, their outlook on health is so inspiring. I’m talking about their green teas, their Japanese water therapy, variety of vegetables and legumes and seaweed, fermented foods, and also their moderation with food, hara hachi bu.

Today, I will mention just a tiny part of their amazing beauty culture. To me most of their treatments are just out of this world. Amazing! Japanese women are beautiful when they age. No wrinkles, shiny hair, they grey often only when they are much older, but most of all the skin It’s so smooth, clean and looks so hydrated. I always thought this was genetic, the layers of sunscreen they use and the umbrella that will be up with just a little bit of sunshine to protect their faces. But there is more to it.

I enjoyed a very nice massage the other day and indicated that I like facial massages as well. The lady told me about the Yukuko Tanaka’s Anti-Aging Tanaka Massage. This 63 year old Japanese lady developed a series of facial massages that can make your skin look much younger in only two weeks. This Japanese facial massage can basically rejuvenate you. However, you’ll need to do this every day without any breaks.

Tanaka is a process which fights wrinkles quickly and tightens the skin. The massage stimulates the lymph glands, thus speeding up the discharge of toxins and excess fluids from the face. It will reduce wrinkles, lift the face, prevent and improve sagging skin, will reduce pore size, black heads and white heads and will get rid of puffy eyes and under-eye bags.

You can do it without any oils and creams, and if you like olive, coconut oil and almond oil are also a good substitute.

The Tanaka massage method was invented by 田中宥久子(Yukuko Tanaka), a Japanese makeup artist. She claims this massage method gives an at-least-10-year-younger looking face and if you start this massage method early in age, you may not even develop wrinkle and fine lines.

Some tips

This massage method require exerting pressure on face muscle, not rubbing your face. This pressure is not only exerted by finger, but also by palm. Don’t exert too much pressure on the face neither. You should not feel sore and relax.
You should finish all the steps slowly and finish each very step with a lymphatic return (a movement from the preauricula to the collarbone).
The best moments are the morning or evening after cleansing the face. Insufficient amount of facial cream can cause face redness.
Close your mouth during the massage, gently bite down on teeth.
Don’t use this massage method when you are sick or have lymphopathia.
This Japanese method fascinates me enormously, but I’m actually also not very surprised to see so many women showing their results. Massages are very effective and can have a huge impact on our body.

I would love to know if you have any experience with facial massages. Would you give this Tanaka massage a try?