Anticellulite program

What is cellulite?
This is a change in the structure of adipose tissue. Because of a violation in metabolism, the blood flow is malfunctioning, the tissue is poorly washed by lymph, which means that the decay products at the cellular level are not completely utilized. Micro-nodules are formed under the skin, which then do not disappear. As a result, the skin becomes bumpy and when light compression begins to resemble an orange peel.
The mechanism of cellulite formation lies in malnutrition, violation of biorhythms. Cellulite occurs in every third woman and at the age of 25 to 30 years and in four women out of five at the age of 30 to 40. The appearance of cellulite is a worsening of the circulation of blood and lymph in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. As a result of hormonal changes, disturbances in water salt metabolism in the body, the tubules become blocked and tissues accumulate fat metabolism products. This is due to inadequacy, changes in the structure of nutrition and, not least, external stressors.

INTRODUCING a special for you anti-cellulite program:

Stage 1. RF-lifting for the body
2 stage. Vacuum body massage
Stage 3. Ultrasound therapy
4 stage. Anti-cellulite wrapping

– elimination of stagnant phenomena,
– improvement of blood circulation,
– lymphatic drainage,
– dermal breathing,
– withdrawal of toxins. ,
– reducing the waist, hips, arms
– “Liquefied” subcutaneous fat,
– resorption of edema, – normalization of metabolic processes.

Indications – cellulite, flabbiness of skin, stretch marks, local fatty deposits.
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History of Permanent Makeup/tattoo

Did you know that the history of the appearance of Tattooing goes deep into the ancient ages? 
The history of tattooing and the first mention of this procedure dates back to the times of the reign of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra: then bamboo sticks and natural dyes were used. Since ancient times, all the known civilizations of the world have used this or that technique of tattooing.
In 1880, New York beautician Samuel O’Rereilly developed the first electric machine, for tattoos. After about a hundred years on the basis of a tattoo formed a new direction – permanent make-up or micropigmentation. It appeared about twenty years ago, but it didn’t immediately become popular.
The modern history of tattooing and its “Second Birth” is connected, of course, with the appearance of new, modern high-precision equipment and tools.
The appearance of modern micropigmentation or permanent make-up should be sought in the tattoo machine that has a thousand-year history.
Where is the geographical location of the birthplace of modern tattooing techniques? The popular belief that the thousand-year technique of tattooing originated in China, was recently disproved by the discoveries, scientific researches and developments in the field of anthropology, carried out in the last decade. They confirmed the fact of an even more ancient use of tattoos in Europe!
This kind of body decoration was used already 8 000 years BC. Probably with the aim of imitating the colors of the animal world or from mystical and religious purposes. The history of tattooing suggests that evidence was found for the existence of tattoos from time ancient on all continents, all known civilizations of the world used this or that technique of tattooing.
The history of tattooing shows that in the early 80’s permanent make-up appears first in France, where it penetrated from Taiwan, and then became popular in many European countries.
An important innovation appears in the early 90’s in America – pigments based on glycerin.
And, finally, in the middle of the last decade, the Taiwan electronic market offered its first electronic device for micropigmentation.
“Cradle” of the industry , focused on micropigmentation (as well as the first country that began the production of pigments,dyes and devices needed for tattooing) is considered Taiwan.
Germany, a country with a traditionally strong instrument-making industry, occupies its rightful place in the world for the production of micropigmentation appliances and pigments.

The history of tattooing does not end there, of course, the permanent tattoo continues to gain momentum in its development due to its popularity. New tools are being invented, the pigments are being perfected, the tattooing technique changes in its many ways.


The more I read about Japanese food culture, the more I’m getting interested. Although Japanese food is not on itself 100 % healthy , think about white rice, white bread, high in salt, a lot of battered, breaded and deep fried foods and sugar. However, their outlook on health is so inspiring. I’m talking about their green teas, their Japanese water therapy, variety of vegetables and legumes and seaweed, fermented foods, and also their moderation with food, hara hachi bu.

Today, I will mention just a tiny part of their amazing beauty culture. To me most of their treatments are just out of this world. Amazing! Japanese women are beautiful when they age. No wrinkles, shiny hair, they grey often only when they are much older, but most of all the skin It’s so smooth, clean and looks so hydrated. I always thought this was genetic, the layers of sunscreen they use and the umbrella that will be up with just a little bit of sunshine to protect their faces. But there is more to it.

I enjoyed a very nice massage the other day and indicated that I like facial massages as well. The lady told me about the Yukuko Tanaka’s Anti-Aging Tanaka Massage. This 63 year old Japanese lady developed a series of facial massages that can make your skin look much younger in only two weeks. This Japanese facial massage can basically rejuvenate you. However, you’ll need to do this every day without any breaks.

Tanaka is a process which fights wrinkles quickly and tightens the skin. The massage stimulates the lymph glands, thus speeding up the discharge of toxins and excess fluids from the face. It will reduce wrinkles, lift the face, prevent and improve sagging skin, will reduce pore size, black heads and white heads and will get rid of puffy eyes and under-eye bags.

You can do it without any oils and creams, and if you like olive, coconut oil and almond oil are also a good substitute.

The Tanaka massage method was invented by 田中宥久子(Yukuko Tanaka), a Japanese makeup artist. She claims this massage method gives an at-least-10-year-younger looking face and if you start this massage method early in age, you may not even develop wrinkle and fine lines.

Some tips

This massage method require exerting pressure on face muscle, not rubbing your face. This pressure is not only exerted by finger, but also by palm. Don’t exert too much pressure on the face neither. You should not feel sore and relax.
You should finish all the steps slowly and finish each very step with a lymphatic return (a movement from the preauricula to the collarbone).
The best moments are the morning or evening after cleansing the face. Insufficient amount of facial cream can cause face redness.
Close your mouth during the massage, gently bite down on teeth.
Don’t use this massage method when you are sick or have lymphopathia.
This Japanese method fascinates me enormously, but I’m actually also not very surprised to see so many women showing their results. Massages are very effective and can have a huge impact on our body.

I would love to know if you have any experience with facial massages. Would you give this Tanaka massage a try?

Cold Laser – Tattoo removing

Cold Laser – is the best tooll for removing unsuccessful permanent makeup and tattoo.
Removing of tattoo with cold laser doesn’t have any side effects. This method is so safe that it can be used to remove bad permanent makeup lips, eyebrows, eyelids, skin pigmentation (including age pigmentation).
The essence of this procedure is that the high-frequency radiation penetrates the skin without damaging the surface, and only affects the tattoo pigment colorant that is deposited in the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, a coloring pigment is removed and no hints of scars.

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Permanent makeup and tattoo removal
Permanent makeup and tattoo removal

Radio frequency face lift procedure!

We are here to offer you Radio Frequency Face Lift Procedure by our experienced Estheticians. This hot new trend in non-surgical face lift is becoming a popular maintenance technique for people who are not yet ready for a full face, neck and chest lift.
These radio waves get past the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. The overall result tightens up the outer layers of skin and reduces wrinkling effects. By using a radio frequency face lift you can avoid needing a surgical procedure later in life.

Procedure includes:

  • Exfoliation
  • European Lift Massage
  • Radio Frequency Machine
  • Collagen Treatment