Eyes – a mirror of the soul
When meeting and having face to face discussion, people pay most attention to the eyes. It is difficult to find a person who, when talking, doesn’t look into the face of whomever he/she is speaking to. And what can we say about seduction … the most famous masters of beauty never leave their eyes unattended. Therefore, your eyes should always look flawless.
Women have long since emphasized eyes with bright color pigments. The reduced lower or upper eyelid transforms the appearance, makes the look more expressive and attractive. Only one glance is enough to impress a man with this beauty.
Therefore, every day, girls and women of all ages spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, creating a beautiful design for a mirror image of their soul, beautiful. This procedure takes a lot of time and requires a skillful hand. Another drawback of this method is the fact that in the evening, after removing cosmetics, all the charm is lost.
Permanent make-up of eyelids allows to solve a problem of short-term make-up. After passing the session in the salon, your eyes will be expressive and charming day and night. You do not need to worry more about how you look after taking a shower or visiting the pool.
Let everyone think that you were born such a beauty !!!

Permanent makeup technology
The procedure of permanent make-up (tattoo) of the eyelids is performed by a professional master in our salon. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, therefore requires careful and skilful handling.
Visiting the salon Flawless Beauty by Inga for the procedure of tattooing the eyelids, you will be transformed into a mysterious beauty queen.

To date, there are several ways to apply permanent make-up. The choice of a particular option affects the wishes of the client and the individual physiological characteristics of the person.

Staining the intermittent space allows you to make a bright accent on the line between the ciliary hairs. The look becomes more expressive, attracting attention. The line can be thin or slightly shaded.

The lead-arrow a.k.a “wing” has been popular with women in many times. But in addition to a great aesthetic effect, this method allows you to adjust the shape of the eye. Due to the constant “presence” of the wing, the eyes acquire a different shape – they increase or lengthen. And also when choosing this technique, it is easy to hide age-related changes or appearance defects.

The underlining of the lower eyelid is usually chosen as an addition to the line in the upper eyelid. Between the eyelashes, or just below, a thin line is made, visually correcting the appearance of the eye. At the request of the client, the line remains thin or grows.

The feathering of shadows is carried out on the skin of the eyelids. Choosing a certain tone, the master paints pigmentation, while giving the look new shades. As if you just used eyeshadow. Very suitable for those who have some eye defects. Ideal for the so-called heavy eyelids. Under small wrinkles and wrinkles, the color will never roll, it will not flow and will not smear, which can often happen with ordinary shadows.
Salon Flawless Beauty by Inga is waiting for its beauties for a magical transformation of charming looks! You will discover the magic of seduction by your most beautiful weapons!

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