Face gymnastic: for what and who needs it?

This article is very useful! Read it to the end)) Does our face need a gymnastic in general, do we need to do this at all? Strange question. We do not ask ourselves whether it is necessary to do the exercises for the body (do or not – is another story, but you know that you need to do it!) We are well aware, that we can only save our figures constantly giving our muscles a reasonable and proper load. But the same applies to the face! It is the same as the body needs to properly load and likewise suffers from inactivity.

Gymnastic for face.

Yes, we are always talking, smiling, frowning, but for the face that is not enough, like it’s not enough for the body to walk from a couch to the kitchen and then back on the couch. There was a time when our ancestors chewed tough cuts of meat and trained chewing muscles – we now cut into pieces and chew the softest omelet that the jaw moves less as actively chew is indecent. As a result, our chewing muscles weaken, and hence the cheeks which they are held, “slide” down. (By the way, how about to chew right now some apple or a carrot?). We don’t have to strain our eyes anymore, vigilantly watching the movement of potential prey – and the circular muscle of the eye weakens, and eyeballs sink in orbit. We don’t let ourselves to openly express our feelings on our faces and freezes mask of usual emotions and pity but, often negative, – that’s why there are creases between the eyebrows and furrows running from the corners of the mouth to the chin.

It is quite logical to assume, that just as the body is strengthened by correctly selected gymnastic complexes, as the face can be strengthened by performing a series of special exercises. Moves and load return to the facial muscles elasticity and increasing blood flow contribute to better nutrition to skin and to periosteum. So facial gymnastic has such an effect as strengthen bones also. And in light of recent facts showing that the main cause of facial aging is “shrinking” of bones of the skull, it becomes especially important.

Face lift classes

So what is the difference between the facial gymnastic and an usual exercises for the body?

First of all, the fact that we are training the facial muscles, our aim is not to make them strong and hardy, but, above all, flexible. Elastic also makes their ability to contract, tension and relaxation.
Contraction occurs when the muscle fibers shorten.
Tension – a process when the muscle is able to strain and thus retains its length, not extended or shortened. For example, squeeze your hand into a fist. It was a muscle contraction (of palm). Now unclench the fist and strain your wrist. Here is the tension, but not muscle contraction of hand.
Relaxation must come after any contraction and tension. Relaxation.
Exactly on alternation of contractions, tensions and relaxations are constructed all exercises for the face, focusing on the return of the lost elasticity of the muscles – or to save it.

And, of course, it’s much easier to maintain the natural elasticity than to restore what has been lost. Therefore, you can already do gymnastics from 25 years, when the resource of growth have developed by organism and starts first, almost imperceptible , changes of appearance. And note: those who does fitness from childhood, retain the shape for years to come. The same can be said about gymnastic for the face. The only thing, that at a young age you should be very careful, because of enhanced training you can “burn” of subcutaneous fat, which gives the charm of the young faces and which then can’t be return by any gymnastics.

photo (31)But caution and care to yourself needs in everything: regardless of age, from the beginning in gymnastic, carefully watch yourself and listen to the sensations. Exercises should be a pleasure, a face shouldn’t be distorted in a grimaces, it should not be creases and folds, and after the complex in the muscles of the face should be warm feeling, mild tingling and pleasant fatigue, but not pain.

Just one visit a week of our classes, “The Secrets of Youth” will be enough for your face to look every time younger and fresher. You always need a professional control over the implementation of gymnastic right, I will watching that subcutaneous fat would not go away and muscles of the face tightens, making you young.

Every Wednesday at 7 pm we are waiting for you at 505 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd fl, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Always – fresh natural masks- effective exercises- sweet table and…- good mood!

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