Why do you need a facial cleansing?


At first,this procedure is a hygienic skin care, and only secondarily-aesthetic, the one which makes your skin looks better. Dirty skin can not fully perform a very important function for the body: respiratory, suction, protective, tactile, thermostatic.


Usually when skin contaminated her immunity feels bad: because bacterias live “in the mud,” as in heaven. Dirty skin rashes in almost 100% of cases. Stoppers, they also comedones, they are also black spots clog the sebaceous glands, which prevents the outflow of sebum, which is a kind of protective lubricant for the skin and protects it from drying, evaporation of moisture, softens and makes it supple. How can you leave your skin without all of that?! I would advise to regularly clean the skin.


During the procedure:


  • – exfoliate the upper horny layer of the skin;
  • – Removal of acne and blackheads;
  • – The skin is cleansed of toxins;
  • – Restores the protective mantle of the skin and Ph;
  • – Stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation.

After cleaning the skin begins to breathe better, and this greatly reduces the amount of new acne and blackheads. Cosmetic preparations are well absorbed and reach their destination. Skin looks young, fresh, attractive. It becomes fresh, gloss and shiny. Proper care will ensure the health and beauty of your skin!


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