Gatineau – Melatogenine New Invention to Anti-Aging

Gatineau Melatogenine

Just one hour to become younger and endure in a pleasant procedure.

Guaranteed happy and remarkable results a must try.

1st step – Glowing skin, cleansing of the skin and Anti aging exfoliate. Cleansing the surface of the skin. Smooth away skin defects and stimulates breathing of the skin cells. Removes
pressure and smoothing of wrinkles.

2nd Step– Working on three zones of anti aging.

  • Zone 1: Measure from the Top of the Hairline to the Top of Eyebrows. Toning cerium for the forehead, proceeding with a Japanese massage Shiatsu
  • Zone 2: Measure from the Top of Eyebrows to the Bottom of the Nose. Toning cerium used against wrinkles around the surface of the eyes, with velour brush.
  • Zone 3: Measure from the Bottom of Nose to End of the Chin.

Toning cerium for the oval of the face, neck and décolleté to tighten, is treated with
special correcting tool.

3rd step – Facial glowing Mask used against wrinkles, finishing the treatment with anti-
aging cream against wrinkles Melatogenine

After treatment results:

  • All small and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothing away, leaving the skin glowing,
    turgor, looking flawlessly younger.

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