How to take care of your new eyelash extensions?

📍 In the first 24 hours after the build-up, direct contact with water should be avoided.

In the first 48 hours you should not visit the sauna and pool, nor should there be any procedures related to high humidity and temperature.

Try to touch the eyes less and do not rub them. Eyelashes can be damaged or torn off. In any case, you need to minimize eye contact with your hands, and if you need to, for example, insert lenses, be sure to keep your hands clean.

📍Avoid the use of oily cosmetics or products containing oils. It is known that fats from the oils are the main enemies of the glue that holds the eyelashes, because of them the glue loses its properties and eyelashes can simply fall away. So, for washing you can apply gel means on a water basis.

📍Be careful not to lie face down in your pillow during sleep.

📍Do not use mascara. The most common lashes do not need to be tinted, but if you still decide to use mascara, then you need to choose mascara on a water base, which is applied to the lashes from the middle and to the tips. A water-resistant mascara will harm the extended eyelashes, and especially the means to remove it.

📍Do not use tools to curl and twist eyelashes, this can lead to the elimination of the eyelash extensions..

📍A “spoolie” or brush, can help you  maintain the neat appearance of your new eyelash extensions. With its help you can eliminate gluing, and fluff lashes. Of course, you need to use it carefully, without touching the line of eyelash growth. Look after your extensions carefully and they will last you for a long time

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