Inga’s Beauty Studio



Inga’s Beauty Studio is truly an oasis of beauty represented located in Brooklyn, New York.

My name is Inga. I’ve been an astetics cosmetologist for the past 20 years and I’m an owner and a creative director at Inga’s Beauty Studio. I’ve designed and developed 4D-Lifting Massage for the face and 4Min Selfie Lift applications that allow to engage in the Face Fitness and use my revolutionary developments and transform one’s appearance just by using a smart phone alone.
Years of experience, and ongoing professional advancement as well as feedbacks from our loyal and eternally youthful clientele allowed me to grow and turn the Beauty Studio into a place where everyone can find the sought out procedures and get educated.

I’m inviting you to come to Inga’s Beauty Studio for all your beauty needs.

The willingness to cultivate and professionalism of our licensed specialists, the quality approach, the customer service and the desire to deliver excellent results is the main focus in Inga’s Beauty Studio.
The list of the services offered at Inga’s Beauty Studio is so ever expanding. One can find all and more listed below:
Facial cleansing
Chemical peels (nano technology)
Carbon Peeling
Aqua Peeling
RF Lifting
⁃ Micro-Current Lifting
Magic Gloves (Micro-Current) Massage
4D Lifting Massage
We offer a wide variety of SPA relaxing and slimming treatments:
-All types of body massage
Lypolisys (Anti-Cellulite Therapy)
Hot Stone Massage
Sugaring/Wax Treatment.
Miracle Hair Growth (An extremely effective procedure to enhance a rapid hair growth)
Our Beauty Studio is famous for our permanent makeup procedures such as:
-Powder Eyebrows
-Ombre Eyebrows
-Watercolor Lips .
We offer makeup applications: day, evening, children’s and holiday.
Eyelash Lift and Eyelash Extensions
are very popular at Inga’s Beauty Studio as well as Body Art Tattoo.

Inga’s Beauty Studio is known for highly innovative and effective procedures, reasonable prices, pleasant staff, great ambience and a homelike atmosphere.
We are always offering a free consultation for any kind of service.

Inga’s Beauty Studio hosts ongoing trainings for clients and professionals such as:
4D Lifting Massage Training Course
Beautician Training Course
Microblading Training Course
Permanent Makeup Training Course (lips / eyebrows / eyelids)
Sugaring Training Course
Microneedling/Mesotherapy Training Course
– Eyelash Lift Training
– Makeup Application Workshop
– Face Fitness Workshop
We are always available to share our knowledge and experience. We certify upon a successful training completion and provide unlimited support thereafter.

We are welcoming any suggestions and inquiries. Please contact us:347-252-6666

Our studio is kid-friendly &  pet-friendly! Welcome!