Permanent Makeup of Eyebrows

Eyebrows-the vertex of a perfect image!
Beautiful eyebrows — an integral component of unmatched image of any woman! A correctly selected shape of eyebrows, as well as color form a complete image.
Permanent-makeup eyebrows make them well groomed, giving the correct form or hiding defects for a long period. Resorting to the services of a professional cosmetologists, you can be confident for the perfection of your appearance under any conditions, at any time, day or night.

Features of the procedure
The technology of tattooing is that thanks to a thin needle, a pigment is applied under the skin. It fades a fairly long period (from 2 to 5 years), so all this time you will have a stunning appearance.
Skin under this procedure is much less injured than with conventional tattoos. Therefore, tattoo is applicable even for clients with especially sensitive skin.
In our salon to each client we make an individual approach. During the consultation, the master
– will tell you about the stages of the procedure, the possible consequences and give recommendations for care.
– Choose the shape of the eyebrows, given your wishes and the appropriate color scheme.
– Draw on the shape of future eyebrows.
– will discuss intended contraindications.
The application of tattooing begins with a preliminary anesthesia of the selected site. A permanent makeup professional knows all the medical aspects of this procedure. We guarantee quality and safety!

Types of permanent make-up of eyebrows
Depending on the condition of the client’s eyebrows and the desired final result, one’s own pigment application technology is chosen.
Hair technology is most in demand. When carrying out such a session, each hair is drawn separately. Therefore, the finished result can not be distinguished from natural eyebrows. This procedure will especially appeal to women who want to change the shape of the eyebrows or get thicker- looking brows.

Tattoo by the method of shading assumes a more dense application of coloring composition. As a result, the eyebrows have a bright expressive basis. They look very attractive. The pigment is applied directly under the skin, thus creating a very expressive effect. The method is in demand among the fair-haired girls, or those whose hairs are quite rare.

Powder technique is popular with those whose eyebrows are beautiful in nature, but they should be made a bit brighter. In the name of the method, the principle of applying paint is laid. Non-spurious spraying allows you to emphasize the natural shape and density. The result is quite easy and neat. As if you just penciled your eyebrows with a pencil or shadows.

Technique of microblading. The final appearance completely depends on the skills and experience of the master. Full naturalness and the depiction of each hair in different directions. The eyebrow acquires texture, since the hair is formed layer by layer with pigments of different shades.
Each of the techniques chosen by you is performed at a high level of professionalism.
With our procedure you will forget about the painful plucking and epilation. Also, you will not need to spend precious time on everyday make-up on the eyebrows. A short-time session will allow you to save a lot of time during the action of permanent make-up

Do not hide your beauty from the surrounding, emphasize dignity, hide flaws. Our professional beauty wizards will help you with all of that! Contact the beauty shop Flawless Beauty by Inga, and we can create the ideal form of your looks!