Carbon peel

In cosmetology end of autumn and winter season is traditionally considered, ideal for skin rejuvenation treatments.

Carbon peeling – a relatively new method of dealing with the first signs of aging and skin problems.

This technique relates to laser peeling types, but cleverly combined with photorejuvenation and is carried out using carbon amplifier – nanogel.
– The removal of horny layer of the epithelium,
– Smoothes the skin,
– Returns healthy complexion,
– Eliminates dark spots.
– Rejuvenating effect,
– It has a therapeutic effect on the skin, so it is recommended for:

– Acne;
– Rosacea;
– The presence of acne.

The procedure is carried out in two stages:

A thin layer of Carbon Nanogels is applying on the skin of the patient, which aims to prepare the area for the laser exposure, during which exfoliate all the dead skin cell layers.
Using laser pulses produced photothermolysis process, that is, skin warming at a deep level. This step helps produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity and youthfulness.


Carbon Peeling has a number of indisputable advantages, among which are the following:

– The absence of pain or uncomfortable sensations;
– The result is manifested after the first procedure;
– The absence of the usual redness and peeling of side effects;
– The absence of rehabilitation period.

Carbon peeling operates very delicately. When interacting with the skin of the patient, it is more gentle exfoliates dead layers of the epidermis and has a bactericidal effect.

As a result, this type of peeling restores all metabolic processes, including lipid metabolism.

Moreover, it significantly narrows the enlarged pores and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Also regenerative processes are run on a deep cellular level, leading to overall facial rejuvenation.


There are following factors for indication:

– The presence of wrinkles;
– Oily skin type;
– Wilting, loss of skin elasticity;
– Gray and dull complexion;
– The presence of skin defects;
– The presence of dark spots.

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