About Us


Inga’s Beauty Studio provides a relaxing, positive and motivational atmosphere.
Our professional staff is friendly and supportive and are there to fulfill your every need.

We have taken our best methods from our huge experience in Europe, Russia and
America and made them available here in our salon. We strive to provide the highest
quality of services. Our mission is to make your visit here a pleasant and a memorable
experience. We continually search the industry market place all over the world for the
newest technology and the finest skin and body care products to provide our clients
with the utmost beauty experience. Together we can achieve excellence by allowing
your own natural beauty to shine through.

The magnificent Cosmetologist Inga is
licensed in New York, Diploma certified from Barcelona, Kiev & Moscow. She excels in
every aspect of skin care, from your face to your body. She uses the most latest and
beneficial methods to let your inner beauty glow. The Beauty Rose salon is a great way
to relax and rejuvenate your face, body and soul.

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