4D Face Lifting Massage in Brooklyn

4D massage

4D Face Lifting Massage

Attention beauticians, estheticians and massage therapists.
You have a completely unique opportunity to advanced professionally and reach a new level in the field of cosmetology by training in manual facelift technique called 4D lifting massage which has no analogues. 
This technique was created and patented by Inga Sokolnikova who’s an expert in modern cosmetology and creator of numerous revolutionary patents, an aesthetic sculptor of the face and body, a practitioner of craniosacral, psychosomatic and visceral therapy.

This technique represents the best in manual therapy and based on 4 dimensional influence on the face muscles and skin. The 4D lifting massage jump starts the body’s ability to regenerate. 
Powerful results will attract and create a loyal and extensive clientele. 
Even after the first 4D lifting – massage the face starts looking fresh, rested, the muscles of the face are tightened and the skin is highly stimulated to produce collagen.

Inga Sokolnikova leads a training and preps 4D lifting massage specialists. She teaches all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical steps. Participants receive a certificate after completing a training and can count on ongoing support in perfecting the 4D lifting massage technique. 
The cost $950

Cosmetologists and Massagists who have finished the 4D Lifting Massage course and received a certificate:

✅Tamilya Bagirova (tamilya77@gmail.com)

✅Zagubizhenko Yuliya(Juliazagub@gmail.com)