5 myths about face fitness

Face fitness is a relatively new concept in the beauty industry.  And, of course, there are a lot of stereotypes about it. Let’s see how things really are.

✅ Myth 1: face fitness has an instant miraculous effect – a lie

Face fitness is the same gymnastics, just for a special group of muscles – facial muscles.  And, of course, exercises have cumulative effect.

✅ Myth 2: the more you work out your facial muscles, the greater the effect – a lie

Facial muscles are very delicate. They are more fragile, thinner than muscles on other parts of your body and they attached differently. Some are constantly tense, some are relaxed.

If all muscles are equally affected, it can be harmful.  Therefore, it’s very important to reasonably dose the work load and do a relaxing massage. 

✅ Myth 3: Face fitness is hard and takes a lot of time.

It depends on you… You usually need to spend an hour per day for your body workout at the gym. Facial exercises take only 15-20 minutes a day and they are not tiring. Maybe for some people they are it is dreary and difficult, everyone perceives differently.

✅ Myth 4: if you stop doing face fitness, your facial skin will become worse than it was before you started classes – a lie

If you stop exercising for a month or two, you face will return to the same state it was before the beginning of classes. But there will be no deterioration – by analogy with the gym. 

✅ Myth 5: to keep your skin beautiful you need to do face fitness every day – ✔ the truth

Such treatment procedures as fitness, botox, facial/hair masks need to be done systematically and should not be stopped, otherwise your appearance will sooner or later take its original form. 

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