Alginate mask. What are the advantage?

Alginate mask is a professional cosmetic procedure. It’s based on algae (sea weed). This mask gives the skin a lifting effect and increase its turgor

⠀Alginate mask has several advantages:

✅ It’s universal – fits almost all types of skin

✅ It’s hypoallergenic – only natural products are used in its composition

✅ It has lots of useful effects. Alginate mask eliminates age-related changes, dryness, age spots, vascular nets, inflammation, peeling, post-acne and scars.

✅ It includes such useful elements as alginic acid and salts that stimulate collagen production, and nourish deep layers of the epidermis.

✅ It includes antioxidants, which pull all poisons out of the skin

That’s why the alginate mask is highly demanded and widely used in cosmetology 

Have you already used an alginate mask to maintain skin’s elasticity? Do you like the effect?

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