A new sugaring/waxing specialist in our salon!

Meet Anya! She is a new sugaring/waxing specialist in our salon!

Anya is a wonderful professional and a very friendly nice girl! 
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Srab and mask for the sauna

Sauna is a great way to relax your body and soul, as well as to take care of your skin’s beauty.  The effectiveness of cosmetic products at high temperatures doubles. 

Look at the difference between using a cleansing body scrub before or in the steam room.
Recipes for homemade scrubs:
✳ For dry skin: 1 tbsp of olive oil + 1 tbsp of ground coffee + pinch of cinnamon;
✳ For oily skin: non-fat (plain) yogurt + coffee grounds 1:1;
✳ For all types of skin: 10 drops of lemon juice + 4 tsp of cream + 3 tsp of olive oil;
✳ A glass of heavy cream + a glass of any salt. Apply this scrub on your whole body and go to the steam room for another 5-8 minutes. 

After visiting bath or sauna it is very useful to use body and facial masks

– Anti-cellulite mask: honey + cream 1:1, + few drops of citrus essential oil. Leave it on your body for 15 minutes after the steam room. You can use a massager to enhance the effect.
– Clay masks perfectly refresh, whiten and nourish your body skin: mix cosmetic clay and water 1:1 and apply this mixture on a moisturized body for 20 minutes.

Facial masks:
– Oatmeal + sour cream = for problem skin;
– Yeast + yolk + olive oil = for mature skin;
– Cottage cheese + algae = for anti pigmentation;
– Honey + propolis = for acne treatment.

Apply masks on the already scrubbed skin after the steam room. Before you apply the mask rinse your body and face with cool water and soap.

Enjoy Your Bath! 

Maintaining health, beauty and youth

Maintaining health, beauty and youth requires tremendous effort and hard work.

Now imagine how we could live if everything were the other way around.

For example, fatty, tasty and sweet foods would make us slim.

The body would always work properly maintaining good water balance. And you wouldn’t need to drink 2 liters of water per day and use moisturizers – everything would be so wonderful!

We wouldn’t need cosmetologists, and other beauty masters at all! People wouldn’t age: their skin, nails, eyelashes and hair would regenerate with an amazing speed! Dirt and dead cells would disappear by themselves!

And even alcohol would be terribly useful, accelerating the regeneration processes throughout our bodies!

The concepts of “sports”, “fitness” and “face fitness” wouldn’t be familiar to any of us. Our facial and body muscles would strengthen by themselves, even if we would be lying on the couch in front of the TV.

It would be great if those things were true. But, unfortunately they are not.

Neat and attractive appearance takes a lot of time, effort and money.

How to take care of yourself if you are waiting for a baby?

How to take care of yourself if you are waiting for a baby?

Sometimes cosmetologists, permanent makeup artists, laser hair removal techs and nail artists refuse pregnant women their services for obvious reasons. 

But I totally understand that we, women, want to be irresistible and always beautiful, even if we are pregnant.

How to take care of yourself during the pregnancy?

Especially for girls who are waiting for a baby, I prepared some tips on how to take care of yourself in this difficult period. 

Right after the shower, use natural creams in the abdomen and hips areas to avoid postpartum stretch marks.

Homemade masks are an excellent savior even during pregnancy, and even when the baby is already born. Regular use of homemade masks deals great with lack of vitamins and dry skin.

Face fitness classes is a perfect substitute for salon procedures both during the pregnancy and during the first couple of months after the child birth.

Pregnancy is not a reason to give up, stop taking care of yourself, and get upset  because of this.  There is a way out of any situation, the main thing is to find it.

Girls, how did/do you take care of yourself during the pregnancy? Share your secrets?

Hydrafacial or vacuum hydra peeling

Hydrafacial or vacuum hydra peeling is a painless and even pleasant way to clean your skin from the stratum corneum.

Using a vacuum nozzle, a special fluid is injected into your skin surface that cleans the subcutaneous dirt, sebaceous ducts and pores. After what all that dirt immediately goes into the other bulb through the same nozzle. 🧪We enrich the liquid in the first bulb with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, depending on the client’s skin.

 Only in our studio, in addition to mechanical cleansing and the nourishing mask application, the Hydrafacial procedure also includes mechanical removal of comedones, 4D face lifting massage, vitamin complex and LED mask.

Hydrafacial or vacuum hydra peeling

When performed regularly, vacuum hydra peeling helps dealing with the following problems:
🔘 uneven skin color, pigmentation;
🔘 tubercles and irregularities;
🔘 oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, comedones and inflammation;
🔘 loss of elasticity;
🔘 skin sagging and signs of aging;
🔘 vascular net and facial redness.

Hydra facial procedure helps to achieve healthy, fresh skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.  Immediately after the procedure, you’ll see the result: your pores will be clean and your face will look fresh and young. Wrinkles and minor defects will decrease, excessive fat content or skin peeling will disappear, active inflammation won’t occur.