Benefits of face fitness.

Let’s talk today about the benefits of facial fitness.

Facial fitness is the first condition for maintaining the youth of individuals. We have proof! Many women, especially those who are now participating in my Selfie Lift marathon, have already seen that regular facial gymnastics improve the overall condition of the skin, its texture, and also help reduce the risk of bags under the eyes, Crow’s feet and wrinkles.

In conjunction with small and useful secrets, proper care and regularity of implementation, we can speed up the improvement process drastically!

A bit of theory and evidence for you.

  • Face fitness

There are ten groups of facial muscles, but not all of them work in full. The skin, which they support, gradually loses its elasticity and sags, in other words, grows old. A good tonus of the facial muscles provides the blood flow to the facial surface much faster, thereby supplying it with vital oxygen and nutrients, also improving the complexion than with weak muscles.

The skin texture becomes more elastic, the complexion improves and wrinkles are reduced. After all, consistently  and correctly performed facial exercises can increase the mass and elasticity of the lower muscles responsible for the tightness of the oval. Even a slight increase in muscle mass, sometimes completely invisible to the surface, stretches the upper layer of the skin.

Facial fitness helps women of all ages tighten their facial muscles and make them more elastic.

If exercises are done regularly, you should expect results in just a couple of weeks.

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