Black eyeliner or permanent makeup?

Do you remember how you used to getting up early in the morning and being half awake drawing an eye arrow? Since when did you manage to do it perfectly?

Do you remember how by the afternoon, you notice that your eyeliner is almost gone and try fixing it in a hurry? And then you usually do touch ups every 3 hours…

Do you remember the time you wanted to scratch your eyes? You scratched them and a second later you realize that you ruined your entire makeup, which you were applying so carefully in the morning…
Black eyeliner or permanent makeup
Maybe it’s time to change all that? I’m sure that there are so many problems and uncomfortable situations in your life to deal with and you don’t want to be distracted by such a small detail as damaged eye arrow!

Try PM!  For those who doesn’t like to constantly wear full eye arrows I can do eyelash line tattoo: there are no arrows, but your eyes will always look beautiful and expressive.

This tattoo lasts for about 2 years and no matter what you do, you won’t be able to ruin it. You can wash and scratch your eyes however you want – your makeup will always be perfect.

DM to book your appointment And I will make your eyes beautiful for a long time

What do you prefer? Classic eyeliner PM, eyelash line PM or regular makeup eyeliner and why?

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