Makeup and Cleansing

It is not a secret that you have to wash makeup off your face very thoroughly. No matter how magical ingredients of your cosmetic products are, the fact is that they still clog your pores.

By following these simple advices, you can keep your skin young for many years to come
✴ Don’t do makeup unnecessarily. If your plans for today is just going to the grocery store, you shouldn’t waste your time and your skin’s health doing makeup.
✴ Take your makeup off immediately as soon as its function is over. Not in the evening before the bedtime, not in the morning of the next day, but as soon as you came back from an event or a date, or as soon as you are done with the photo shoot.
✴ If your skin doesn’t like regular protective cream, use foundation with SPF
✴ Try not to do makeup during the summer time. At the beach, on the heat you get the greenhouse effect, which lead to the reproduction of microbes. Good solution is to do a permanent lips makeup, lash lifting or wear beautiful sunglasses.

I hope you’ll follow my advices, and take care of your skin!

Who likes wearing makeup, during day and night?

Eyelash Lift

The eyelash lift is an advancement on the lash perm. Each lash lifts individually on the silicone pad and gets curled to a chosen size and after the curling the eyelashes get tinted. Practically pain free procedure lasts for a little over an hour. The eyelash lift makes eyes look big, bright and appealing as it adds fullness and body to the lashes. As lashes relax in to a natural state one needs to repeat a procedure. It’s about a month for natural blondes and up to 2 months for brunettes. Eyelash lift is safe, cost and time effective for someone with sensitivity who’s looking to have gorgeous, natural looking lashes. The mascara can be used as well to produce dramatic length and volume but not necessarily for every day use. 





Sugaring or hair removal with sugar paste or gel is an ancient Middle East practice that uses all natural ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice and sometimes added essential oils, honey and salt.
And according to Inga, the owner of Inga’s Beauty Studio and a licensed esthetician with more than 20 years of experience in Europe and America, is one of the best and safest way for sensitive skin to remove unwanted hair and keep it smooth for up to 6 weeks. Sugar paste vs regular waxing that leaves a certain percentage of hair broken and still in the follicles, is a very gentle way of pulling out all hair by enveloping each strand in to a sweet embrace and leaves the skin completely bare. 


Anticellulite program

Inga the owner of Inga’s Beauty Studio created and patented one of a kind, a complete program to help women of all ages to look fabulous and feel confident wearing bikini, short skirts, shorts or nothing at all!

A revolutionary anti-cellulite therapy we call “Lipolisys” breaks and gets rid of fatty deposits that are formed beneath the skin. 
The “Lipolisys” therapy is in great demand among our clientele and there’s a wait list to have it done. 
It’s a complex 4 step treatment.
The massus combines a deep pressure technique, radio frequency, cupping, ultra-sound, special wrapping and an herb infused serum to sculpture the bod of your dreams. 
For a program to be effective and show fast results Inga recommends to repeat the treatment 1-2 times a week and complete 10-12 sessions.

To free your body from the cellulite call to schedule your appointment

– elimination of stagnant phenomena,- improvement of blood circulation,
– lymphatic drainage,
– dermal breathing,
– withdrawal of toxins. ,
– reducing the waist, hips, arms
– “Liquefied” subcutaneous fat,
– resorption of edema,
– normalization of metabolic processes.

Laser Tattoo Removal

A cold laser tattoo removal is the most effective and non-invasive way to part with unwanted tattoos or a permanent makeup. The high intensity light beam targets and breaks apart the pigment color. It could take a few treatments to completely remove a tattoo or tattooed makeup and it will depend on size, age and the colors of the tattoos as well as the color of the skin. The whole process could be uncomfortable and it doesn’t require an anesthesia but at times a topical one is used. At Inga’s Beauty Studio we’ve performed hundreds of successful tattoos and permanent makeup removers.