Cosmetology of the early 20th century

Ladies, I am offering to dive deep into the atmosphere of beauty salons of the early 20th century, where most of the procedures and tools looked like torture. All just for us to be so beautiful and youthful, for that had to have been many trials and experiments with different creams, masks, and tools.

In Germany 1929, in order to perm your hair, a girl would’ve had to sit in a chair for hours with large clips in her hair in order to see a result. Which is why it was so important to find “your” hair stylist, so that you wouldn’t get bored and would have someone to talk with.

The company MaxFactor founded by Maksymillian Faktorowitz, who was a real innovator in the world of feminine beauty. Created a device in the 1930 that allowed people to measure standard beauty and pick out the right makeup. The construction of it will really surprise you.

The same way he had created yet anoyher innovation- the mask, with plastic cubes that you filled with water and froze. That was made to combat puffiness of the face.

Freckles were unpopular and so in the 1930s a special gadget was invented to erase freckles using carbon dioxide. During that procedure, the persons nostrils and eyes were covered with special equipment while they breathed through a tube.

In 1940 a special electric mask was developed which upon heating, stimulated blood circulation and thus improving healthy looking skin.

1930 Alpine Mask, which guaranteed a pretty pink sheen to the face, which supposedly replaced a walk in the mountains, which would mimic that effect on the skin. This was all thanks to the lowered atmospheric pressure it contained.

The same way you were able to achieve a lifting effect with the help of a “beauty mask”. Ladies would tighten their face using rubber masks in the 1920s to get rid of wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

In 1936, Isabella Gilbert from Rochester, New York, created a machine for creating dimples. In order to get the dimples you would have a tool pressing down into your face while being clipped behind your ears and under your chin and the two rods would press hard into your cheeks. After the use of this machine you would get “the perfect result of dimples”.

The same way that vacuum massages existed for smooth skin and even tone.

Sunscreen did not extinct until the mid 1940s, and this who loved to lay in the beach were on a mission to find a way to protect their skin from harmful sun rays. That’s why the use of a coverup with attached sunglasses was popular.

In 1930, the machine for massing legs with metal rollers for weight loss created, to make your legs slimmer and beautiful.

Well that was the beauty of the early 20th century. It’s safe to say that a lot of the procedures we have now are safer and more effective or maybe that’s just what we think? How do we know that our grandkids years later won’t look back and be terrified by today’s beauty methods?

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