Face Fitness or Botox injections? What is more effective?

Facial Fitness now is a big treat and a competitor to botox injections. Here is why.

How do beauty injections work?

Botox is a well-known way to block facial muscles, so you can reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. Wrinkles appear because of active facial expressions and muscles tension.

As we get older, the size of our muscles decreases. Our skin, losing collagen becomes saggy and wrinkles appear. 

Our facial muscles’ function is metabolic: using contractions, they drive nutrients through our skin vessels. Because of such injections, our skin obviously lacks nutrients
Face fitness, yoga exercises
Botulinum toxin acts like a drug – it has to be used again and again. And each time the effect is less visible.

Facial Fitness, on the other hand, intensively trains muscles, accelerating metabolism. Facial skin receives nutrients faster (that’s why doctors recommend combining facial fitness with proper nutrition).

Due to constant training, skin becomes more firm and elastic. Muscles hold volume for a long time, decreasing it much slower. Our skin manages to “tighten” and to catch up with muscles with age.

This is facial fitness mechanism.  There is also a price issue. One botox injection unit costs about $20. For example, to “freeze” your muscles around the eyes you need 15-20 units. And you need to do this procedure regularly to keep its effect.

Facial Fitness requires a one-time investment (in an mobile app or in a marathon). After that you can use acquired knowledge and skills for free.

What do you choose to preserve your beauty and youth? Botox or Facial Fitness?

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