Fighting with dark circles under the eyes

Bags, dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids are external manifestation of what is happening inside.

To get rid of this external deficiency you have to determine the reason behind it and eliminate that reason.

Mask, beauty black circles under the eyes


✴️Fatigue and stress;

✴️Incorrect posture, constant neck tension, tight clothing;

✴️Too high or too low pillow;

✴️Changes associated with age;

✴️Hormonal changes in the body (pregnancy, lactation, menopause);

✴️Extreme weight loss, etc.

You can try eliminating bags and dark circles under the eyes by yourself 

❇️Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

❇️Do gymnastics for your face to improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

❇️Watch your posture. Dark circles often appear because of clamped neck muscles.

❇️Regularly use cosmetology services: mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage therapy and/or 4D massage.

❇️You can also try homemade masks such as:

▪️Grated raw potatoes + yolk

▪️Curd Mask

▪️Cucumber Circles

▪️Green Tea sachets

▪️Almond oil and coconut milk (2:1)

It is very important to monitor nutrition, the amount of water you drink and your physical activity level. If you follow these advices, your skin will be young and healthy!

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