Gatineau Photo 1 Procedure 1 defi lift

An Exclusive procedure which is an alternative to plastic Surgery

  • Instant lift!
  • Instant Glowing!
  • Instant Rejuvenation!

5 General Phases

1st phase “Glowing Skin”- Glowing skin, cleansing of the skin and Anti aging exfoliate.
Cleansing the surface of the skin. Smooth away skin defects and stimulates breathing of
the skin cells. Removes pressure and smoothing of wrinkles.

2rd Phase “Oxygenation” – Applying of the Gommage –Lifting on top of the application
pinching movements to the skin, which stimulates the skin and fills it with oxygen.
Resulting with removing pressure and smoothing away of wrinkles.

3rd Phase A special massage done with unique massage sticks with pressure relief tips.

The benefit of this massage is your skin is firm and toned. It also improves skin drainage.

4th Phase Lifting Mask is applied and also Lifting spray

5th Phase Followed by relaxation and Meditation

Concluding this procedure with the Lifting Remodelant.

Course Intensive 1-2 times a week 10 sessions total

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