This is a WOW procedure for our clients!

 This procedure includes as many as 5 cosmetic treats for your skin:

 1. Ultrasonic Cleansing
 This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Skin cleansing is performed using ultrasonic waves.

 2. Next, we nourish your skin with vitamins 

 3. HYDRAFACIAL – Vacuum cleansing 
 A huge advantage of this method of cleansing the skin of the face is that you can see the effect almost immediately after the session.
 hydra-facial cleansing:
 • removes the top layer of dead cells from the skin,
 • clears pores from comedones,
 • clears pores from accumulated sebum,
 • removes every-day dirt as well as cosmetics residues.
 In addition, it improves blood circulation and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands!

 Your pores will THANK YOU! 

 4. RF lifting
 This is a completely painless and absolutely non-traumatic procedure that allows you to solve many aesthetic problems, namely:
 • will tighten loose skin of the face,
 • will get rid of a double chin,
 • will improve the condition of the skin in the décolleté area.
 5. Phonophoresis
Phonophoresis is an effective and painless procedure during which medicinal substances are applied to the skin using ultrasound.  This procedure also:
– stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes,
– relieves swelling,
– enhances the effect of nourishing products applied to the skin;
– accelerates skin regeneration process.

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