Laser tattoo removal: what should you be afraid of?

The theme of tattoo removal is covered with the darkness of terrible stereotypes. You probably heard terrifying things about the crazy pain people experience during laser sessions! Is it really like this? Here I analyzed the most popular fears

✳ “Terrible pain during tattoo removal”

I won’t lie that this procedure is absolutely painless. It is painful, but not as painful as you might think. Pain depends on your skin’s density: thin skin is more sensitive and dense skin is less sensitive, you’ll feel only discomfort. In any case, the pain is quite tolerable

✳ “One procedure is not enough for tattoo removal”Not completely true. The number of required procedures depends on the quality of the pigment and on the depth of its introduction. For example, eyebrow tattoo we usually remove during the first procedure. If you need several procedures, we have some good news: with every procedure, your skin becomes less sensitive to the laser and pain gradually disappears.

 “Burns and crusts”

I do tattoo removal using the newest laser machine. Only dryness and redness will remain after the procedure. I can guarantee the absence of strong wounds, burns and crusts

Pain and discomfort during the tattoo removal procedure depends on many factors – on the master’s skills, quality of the equipment, the depth of the tattoo itself and the density of your skin.

What other “horror stories” have you heard about the laser tattoo removal procedure?

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