Makeup and Cleansing

It is not a secret that you have to wash makeup off your face very thoroughly. No matter how magical ingredients of your cosmetic products are, the fact is that they still clog your pores.

By following these simple advices, you can keep your skin young for many years to come
✴ Don’t do makeup unnecessarily. If your plans for today is just going to the grocery store, you shouldn’t waste your time and your skin’s health doing makeup.
✴ Take your makeup off immediately as soon as its function is over. Not in the evening before the bedtime, not in the morning of the next day, but as soon as you came back from an event or a date, or as soon as you are done with the photo shoot.
✴ If your skin doesn’t like regular protective cream, use foundation with SPF
✴ Try not to do makeup during the summer time. At the beach, on the heat you get the greenhouse effect, which lead to the reproduction of microbes. Good solution is to do a permanent lips makeup, lash lifting or wear beautiful sunglasses.

I hope you’ll follow my advices, and take care of your skin!

Who likes wearing makeup, during day and night?

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