Microneedling course

Microneedling is a procedure for correcting aesthetic deficiencies such as pigmentation, age-related changes, post acne, areas around the eyes, neck and décolleté areas, as well as solving trichology problems (hair loss).

❇ Principles of the method.
❇ Correction of aesthetic and trichological problems using microneedling procedure.
❇ Indications and contraindications.
❇ The use of cocktails and their characteristics.
❇ Possible side effects and allergic reactions after the procedure.

💠 Client’s preparation for the microneedling procedure (anesthesia).
💠 Use of the machine for the face, neck and decollete areas. Nuances of the work in the area around the eyes.
💠 Final procedure.
💠 Recommendations to the client on how to take of the skin after the procedure at home.

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