Microneedling procedure (Mesopen)

Microneedling procedure (Mesopen)

This is one of the safest, the most effective and the most painless skin rejuvenation procedures.  Using special machine this procedure activates the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in deeper layers of your skin. 

Microneedling mesopen

Here is the list of problems that this procedure can solve:⠀

✅ Flabby skin, swelling

✅ Pigmentation

✅ Mimic wrinkles

✅ Oily skin, enlarged pores

✅ Comedones (black heads)

✅ Dry (dehydrated) skin

✅ Post-acne (scars after acne removal)

✅ Prevention of age-related skin changes

Microneedling procedure results:

The first day after the procedure you will feel some discomfort: a slight burning sensation and skin tightness. On the third day, your skin will start peeling off. This is the result of dead cells release. ⠀

By the seventh day the rehabilitation ends and you will see the following effects:

🌺 Improved skin firmness

🌺 Narrowed pores

🌺 Smoothed skin tone

🌺 Smoothed wrinkles

🌺 Healed acne scars

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