My favorite procedure – Lash Filler.

Girls, I want to invite you to my favorite procedure – Lash Filler.

I love when my eyelashes are long, curly and thick. This procedure has a healing effect as well!

Lash Filler InLei is an innovative procedure for eyelashes that gives an amazing result. After the second or third procedure, your eyelashes are thicker by 24% in diameter and much longer, thanks to peptides that penetrate inside the bulbs.

Lash lifting in Brooklyn

 Peptides restore eyelashes, helping hair follicles to develop, which strengthens the roots and accelerates their growth. They also improve the production of hair proteins and fill voids, starting with the eyelash bulb.

Eyelash lifting becomes more and more popular every day. Eyelashes become healthy and beautiful, still looking natural. In addition, useful substances in the composition of the product have a nutritional effect on each cilium.

The most obvious effects:

❇ curled eyelashes
❇ increased length and volume
❇ persistent color
❇ open eyes effect
❇ improved structure of the eyelashes because they become thicker.

Lash Filler InLei consists of the best ingredients:
🔘 marine collagen
🔘 hydrolyzed hyaluron
🔘 hydrolyzed keratin
🔘 argan oil
🔘 jojoba oil
🔘 linden oil
🔘 panthenol
🔘 vitamins A, E, C, B5, B6
🔘 Tilicine – extract from linden buds that moisturizes and fills hair from the inside out.

Hurry up to book your appointment and give your eyelashes such a nutritional and very useful procedure! 347-252-6666
125 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd fl, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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