Permanent makeup aftercare.

How to take care of your skin after permanent tattoo procedure

Permanent tattoo is a complex artistic process of inserting colorant under the skin.
50% of ideal result depends on proper care after the permanent tattoo.
During the procedure, pigment is inserted on maximum surface of the skin. After the introduction of the pigment, the skin starts its recovery process. Blood and lymph come to out to the surface forming a protective crust. The crust protects the skin from further damages.

if the crust is removed before its time due, it will cause asymmetry and gaps.

Fundamental rules for the care:

During the 10 day after permanent tattoo
Do not vet the area
Do not apply any makeup on the area of permanent tattoo
minimal impact on the tattoo area

very important to stay away from sauna, spa and swimming pools

Do not tear or remove the dry crust.

Do not apply anything to your permanent tattoo of eyebrows and eyelids.

After the crust exfoliates, the tattoo may seem lighter then expected. The color recovers after the 30 days of the procedure.

Permanent lip tattoo requires spacial care

Please consult your physician if you have herpes for proper medication to prevent the outbreaks.
It is highly suggested to stay away from hot and cold after your permanent tattoo.
Apply Vaseline for 2 weeks each time it gets absorbed, do not let your lips get dry.
It is important not to remove the dry crust on the lips. Permanent tattoo has to affix and the crust will fall off on its own.

During the healing process, pigments may disappear unevenly, resulting in asymmetry that is normalized with correction procedure.
50% of successful permanent tattoo depends on post procedural care during the healing.

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