Twice The Softness

Twice the Softness

Twice the softness – for the most sensitive skin, hydrates, softens, helps irritation, dryness and rough skin. Cleanses and removes make up without any worry of having two different products. Infused with two different solutions it looks like when handling the bottle, make sure to shake well to combine the nutrients for full effects of the cleanser and make up remover that is infused with natural and fresh contents.

Ingredients: Infused with Chamomile, Distilled water, Polysorbate

All our products are exclusively naturally handmade, our products are freshly made from the day that you make your purchase

Увлажняющее молочко “Двойная нежность”.

Для самых чувствительных.

Увлажняет, смягчает, снимает раздражение и сухость кожи, великолепно удаляет макияж. Попробуйте и Вы будете в восторге!

Состав: Infuz of a chamomile, distilled water, Polysorbate.

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