Facial Masks

Our Facial Masks are deep cleansing filled with Fresh Natural herbs, Oils and Vitamins. These extracts that are specially picked to amend each type of skin as it is needed. Our masks are ideally made to accommodate any age and type of skin. So they need to be refrigerated at all times to prevent spoilage. Fresh made masks means that the benefits of each ingredient directly are delivered to your skin with nourishment within minutes of use. Recommendations from the cosmetologist it is best to use these masks in a set, for ultimate wonderful results. But if you feel that you are only interested in one type of mask they are also sold individually.

Directions for Application of our facial masks:
Apply to damp Skin, for 15 minutes, the masks come in numeric order from 1-5 each mask should be applied one after another for 15 minutes each. Total time of 75 minutes, is all that is needed to have extraordinary results, with smooth and toned skin, deeply cleansed, smoothening of fine lines, lifting and looking younger every time. Course of using the facial masks, they should be used every other day with a total count of 6-10 applications in total for ultimately great results.

Facial Masks:Only Made custom Ordered and prepared when it is purchased, it is fresh. The facial masks are good for two weeks from the date of purchase. We guarantee its freshness because it is made only when an order is placed and payment is confirmed. We recommended overnight shipping at your own cost. For fast delivery and freshness it is worth the long lasting result you have after the use of these naturally made masks. We also offer Delivery and Pick up if you live in the Zip code areas 11235, 11224, 11230, 11229, 11223. You may pick up from our Beauty Rose Skin Care Salon Cosmetology on 505 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd FL, and Brooklyn, New York 11235. Every Purchase Pick up made with loyalty to our customers they will receive a free Gift.

Facial Masks
Facial Mask Set #1
Handmade Facial Mask
Facial Mask Set #2

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