Self acupressure face massage

Acupressure is a work with biologically active points. They contain many paired cells on the human body.

This massage helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fight aging and fading of the skin, and also helps to preserve youth.

During this procedure, the biologically active points are affected. Blood flow is improved and restored with nutrients and oxygen.

This facial massage is  included in my Selfie Lift Workshop program. 

Acupressure Face massage

Press on the points

1. With three fingers – index, middle and ring fingers – press on the points indicated in the figure. In each place, hold your fingers for 57 seconds (point 1)

2. At the same time with three fingers press on the points located on the line of the eyebrows. Then, with the index finger, press on the point near the outer edge of the eye, then – near the inner (point 2,3,4)

3. We join together all the same three working fingers and press quite strongly between the eyebrows (point 5)

4. With three fingers, press on the upper eyelid just below the eyebrows, but without affecting the eyeball (point 6)

5. With the same fingers we press on the points located on the lower border of the main hollow point (point 7)

6. We press on the points under the cheekbones – again, simultaneously using three fingers (point 8)

7. With the small pad of the thumb we press on the symmetrical points at the wings of the nose (point 9)

8. With the thumb we press on the point located in the middle between the upper lip and the nasal septum (point 10)

9. We press with thumbs on the points located in the corners of the lips (point 11)

10. Use your thumb to press down the hollow point under the lower lip (point 12).

11. Simultaneously with three working fingers of both hands we press on the points located on the lower jaw, then with our thumbs press the paired points under the jaw (points 13, 14)

12. At the same time, with the right and left hand, we press the paired currents on the side parts of the neck. We press lightly, no more than 3 seconds (point 15)

13. With a small pad of your thumb, it is very easy to press a point located in the jugular cavity. Hold for 3 seconds and release (point 16)

14. With the pads of the index, middle and ring fingers we press on the symmetrical points under the earlobes. Hold for 5-7 seconds (point 17).

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