4D Lifting Massage

This is a revolutionary patented massage invented by Inga Cosmetologist that literally turned upside down the existing concepts about how to maintain a beautiful youthful skin for life.

One of a kind technique tightens the face muscles. The massage gets done through the surface of the skin and trough the mouth.

4D lifting massage built on 4-dimensional exposure.

1) Deep tissue buccal cavity massage ( from the inside the mouth)consists of working out and kneading muscles from the inside out the oral cavity and pressure point facial tissues and even bone structures. This is a fitness for the facial muscles that has  the biggest impact. Each muscle is stretched inside and out. Thus a profound lifting effect granted.

2) Myfacial technique allows for the deep development of tissue, stimulation the new cells formation and contributes to the regeneration and skin’s elasticity. The skin’s surface smoothes out, the face contour is corrected and tissue’s  tone is restored.

3)Hemo-lymphatic drainage is a fast-acting technique which provides better blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues, aims to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from tissues, enhances microcirculation.

4) Biovascular technique strengthens blood vessels and capillaries. A manual systematic approach works out all the tissue levels starting at the surface layer with a gradual transition to the muscular and articular. The above mentioned techniques combined reduce the severity of spider veins and sagging skin, eliminate edema and circles under the eyes, improve the supply of oxygen to the skin tissues.

Powerful results will attract and create a loyal and extensive clientele. 

The benefits that one gets from a 4D massage are:
– Face muscles become tight and toned restoring the elasticity of the skin and making it look and feel youthful
– Face, cheeks and chin get noticeably slimmer
– Nasolabial folds and wrinkles around lips get smoothed out or disappear completely
– Face evens out by taking on the desirable proportion and shape
– The droopy eyebrow line is reduced or disappear completely
– The bags around the eyes get reduced or disappear completely

Even after the first 4D lifting – massage the face starts looking fresh, rested, the muscles of the face are tightened and the skin is highly stimulated to produce collagen.

4D massage available only at Inga’s Beauty Studio and performed by Inga her self. She also leads seminars and teaches clients and estheticians on implementing 4 dimensional technique in to a daily life and practice.

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