Carbon Laser Peel

A Charcoal Wonder Peel

(A Breakthrough Carbon Laser Peel that prevents acne, blemishes, black heads, dull skin and unattractiveness)

A carbon laser peel is an incredible breakthrough treatment to clean and resurface the skin on the face and body. It’s a non-invasive, pain free procedure with zero down time. Highly recommended for people with dull skin, black heads, enlarged pores, oily skin and especially acne.
Liquid carbon is applied to the surface of skin penetrating deep in to the pores and then gets blasted away with the laser. The carbon particles are easily attracted to the light beam and get destroyed along with oil, dead skin and contaminants. 
Carbon laser peels shrinks a sebaceous gland thus reducing a production of oil and kills an acne causing bacteria preventing pore congestion and inflammation . 
The carbon laser peel exfoliates skin erasing acne scars and textural irregularities, stimulates collagen and melatonin production, prevents future discoloration and causing the skin to rejuvenate, even out, glow and look 10 years younger. 
In Inga’s Beauty Studio we offer 2 types of Carbon Laser Peeling. 
Face Carbon Laser Peeling and Back Carbon Laser Peeling that we call a Charcoal Wonder Peel.
You can see immediate results with just one procedure but for best results a few or more are recommended.





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