Deep Facial Cleansing

European facial or as we call it here at Inga’s Beauty Studio, “Europa Plus Facial” is a face cleansing treatment that is suited for people with acne, for these who prone to excessive oil on their face and for these with clogged pores and irregular face cleansing and care that leads to clogged pores.

Fall is an ideal time to implement this treatment in to your face cleansing routine. The weather is getting colder and the skin doesn’t get irritated much by sun, humidity and dust. 
The Europa Plus Facial treatment will have an esthetician exfoliate and steam your face to open up the pores to deep cleanse to the satisfaction and extract whiteheads, blackheads, oil and debris depends on the conditions of your skin. 
Then different cleansing treatments and healing masks will be applied to improve your skin surface and underlying layers and have your skin feel stimulated, hydrated and reduce fine lines all over your face. 
A Europa Plus Facial will minimize pores, smooth your skin appearance, restore youthfulness and radiance.

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