Deep Facial Cleansing

Even normal skin periodically suffers from rashes and clogged pores. Especially after the summer, when the sebaceous glands are more active, lots of dust immediately settles on oily skin and provokes inflammation. FACE CLEANING (FACIAL) procedure is what you need.

Firstly, facial is a hygienic skin care, and already on the second place it’s an aesthetic procedure that improves skin appearance.

Dirty skin can’t fully perform very important bodily functions such as respiratory, suction, protective, tactile, thermoregulatory.

Usually, when the skin is contaminated, its immunity suffers at the first place, because different bacterias live “in the mud”, like in paradise. Dirty skin is prone to rashes in almost 100% of cases.

During the facial cleansing procedure:
🔼 upper keratinized skin layers are exfoliated;
🔼 acne and blackheads are removed;
🔼 the skin is cleansed from toxins;
🔼 the protective skin mantle and PH balance are restored;
🔼 Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated.

After the cleaning procedure, your skin breathes better, which significantly reduces the number of new acne and blackheads. Cosmetic products can actually be absorbed and reach their destination. Skin looks younger, fresher and more attractive. It gains a pleasant fresh color, acquiring gloss and radiance.


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