Face Myostimulation

Face myostimulation helps to maintain the tone of face muscles – by using that, it is possible to look excellent at any age. Due to its efficiency, myostimulation treatment is very popular with women. Above all, it is not necessary to be a heavenly being in order to look good – the price for myostimulation is affordable to every woman.

The main effect of face myostimulation is strengthening of muscle tissue, and consequently:

  • correction and firming of face oval
  • smoothing of small wrinkles
  • strengthening of superior eyelid muscles
  • restoration of skin turgor
  • decreasing of edema
  • Removing”bags” under eyes

Face myostimulation gives long-term, stable rejuvenation effect:

  • general tone of face and neck is improved
  • face skin acquires beautiful healthy color
  • Small mimic wrinkles are smoothed




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