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Microneedling. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy Mesopen

Mesotherapy Mesopen is a microneedle mesotherapy and is very popular because one doesn’t need to go under a knife to achieve the desired results.

The skin gets lightly punctured by a mesopen – a special device that resembles a large pen with a disposable cartridge full of tiny needles instead of the ink rod.

The skin turned in to some what of a sponge that can instantly absorb.
Then special serums and solutions are matched to the skin type and the problem and applied, easily penetrating the deepest layers of the epidermis, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The skin starts to rapidly produce collagen and elastin.
Just one session of Mesotherapy Mesopen is enough to bring your skin in to a top condition.
The procedure is painless, has no side effects and doesn’t require a down time.
The results start showing within a few weeks and hold up to 4 months.

Mesotherapy Mesopen is great for :

⁃ face lift
⁃ rejuvenation
⁃ eliminating age spots, brown spots, broken capillaries, fine wrinkles, smoker lines
⁃ treating post acne effects and scaring
⁃ reducing pore size
⁃ stabilizing sebaceous glands

The Mesotherapy Mesopen is a powerful weapon used against aging as the skin is regenerated and tightened.

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