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Permanent Makeup

Have you heard Madonna did it! It’s the most convenient and reliable way to get an eyebrows of your dreams.  Microblading is a tattoo technique that fills and defines eyebrows or reshapes them and enhance the attractiveness. The pigment is inserted in to the skin and depends on the style it will last anyways from 1 to 3 years. Afterward one should refresh a color as it fades. The touch up is also needed in a first month after the skin is healed. 


At Inga’s Beauty Studio we offer different types that varies in techniques.
– The Ombré technique has the eyebrows look darker at the ends gradually lighting up towards the nose bridge. 
– The Powder Fill technique is a solid color look through out the eyebrows from the beginning to the ends.
– The Hair Stroke or Feathering technique is a way to create full even bushy or natural looking eyebrows and fill in the small gaps. 
In Inga’s Beauty Studio one with the help of the professional choses an appropriate technique given the age, shape of the face and condition of the skin that defines face noticeably enhancing an attractiveness. 
We call it “ Fine Define”


If one desires to have that bright open defined eye look at all times without always applying eyeliner and eye shadows and tirelessly making sure it stays on then one needs to tattoo the makeup right on the eyes.
The permanent makeup varies from applying just an eyeliner on one or both lids to create a line that could either be soft or define to a full makeup look with eye shadows and all. 
At Inga’s Beauty Studio we perfected the art of permanent eye makeup and it’s one of the most requested services. We love the way our clients look when they leave our studio bright-eyed and the color of their eyes is greatly enhanced and just pops.


If one is not happy with thin uneven lips or just tired of constantly applying lipstick and lip liner a permanent makeup is to rescue. With a help of a professional one can have fuller, more defined lips, correct uneven lines and minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth. One can pick a favorable shade anywhere from a natural to the brightest color for both lip liner and a lip color and enhance it later with a gloss or lipstick for a dramatic look.

At Inga’s Beauty Studio we create beautiful, succulent and oh, so kissable lips daily. We’ll be happy to give your lips a makeover.


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