Spanish Face Massage


Spanish Massage procedure

Spanish Face Massage – Chiro massage
Unique and remarkable Instant Results after the session.


Chiro Massage is a specific massage technique which originated from the classical and ancient techniques from the eastern part of the world. It is a combination of different methods used effectively that impact the textures of skin, muscles, Lymph and Vascular system. This technique is not habit forming and leaves a 100% effect.

With the help of Technique Chiro Massage it solves many diverse complex problems.
Such as:

  • Correction and firming of face oval;
  • Smoothing of lines and wrinkles;
  • Strengthening of superior eyelid muscles;
  • Restoration of skin turgor;
  • Decreasing of edema;
  • Removing”bags” under eyes.
  • Removing of the double chin


of treatment 1-2 a week 10-15 sessions total

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