Tattoo correction.

Why correction is necessary?

Permanent tattoo is a complex artistic process that is divided into several visits for ideal results

In first procedure the specialist works very carefully.
Pigments are inserted on maximum surface.
Main goal of a specialist is not to cause any harm. In every case, pigment depth of immersion is an individual process and depends on characteristic of the skin
If the pigment is inserted into inappropriate depth it could cause unexpected tattoo color.
Our skin is a barrier, a protective organ and it rejects portion of inserted ink taking it as alien substance.
In some cases, after healing, 40%of pigments stays, in others 60%.
It depends on immune system, age, and lifestyle as well as how you look after permanent tattoo.

During the healing process, pigments may disappear unevenly, causing asymmetry.
Performing the procedure in two visits is necessary to even out the areas the skin pushed out the pigments during the process of healing, achieving desired brightness, retouch the form.

Сorrection allows to regulate saturation, shades of pigment and the form of permanent makeup.
During correction you will have a choice to pick different shades of pigment.
Eyebrows can be done brighter, wider or longer, though may be challenging to do other way around.

Follow my guidance after the procedure, come for correction and you will receive the results you wished for.