The Benefits of Face Massage

Starting from the age of 25, people start seeing age-related changes… Skin loses moisture and stops producing collagen. From the age of 30, you need to do facial massages on regular basis.

Creams, serums and most hardware procedures work on the surface. Massage works through deeper layers of the skin and helps you look younger without any surgical intervention. At the same time, massages save you time, money and health.

If you start doing facial massage, you will notice positive changes very soon:

improved complexion because of better blood circulation;

activated metabolism;

relieved tension from facial muscles;

skin will look healthy and beautiful;

wrinkles and skin sagging will noticeably decrease;

improved facial contours;

acne and age pigmentation will disappear;

swelling will go away.

There are 2 ways to get a facial massage at our studio:

1⃣Come to a 4D face lifting massage session with one of our specialists.

2⃣Sign up for a facial gymnastics master class, where you will learn how to do facial massage by yourself.

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