The best peel turns out in winter!

In cosmetology winter season has traditionally been considered as ideal for skin renewal procedures. The fact is that after peeling the “new” cleared of dead cells skin is very delicate, and within a few days has to be carefully protected from direct sunlight. While the sun is still not shining brightly as in the spring, you can start preparing the skin for the summer holiday season. And the time it is given not so much as it seems.


Start clean your skin in youth!

To keep fresh young skin for years, we should take a rule to conduct regular skin cleansing. Peels are just as effective treatment and skin rejuvenation. The thing is that the cells life cycle is approximately 4-5 weeks, after which they die, die and accumulate on the surface of the skin. If they are not removed, you will be provided the risk of acne and dull complexion.

Rapid removal of the upper layers of dead skin cells activates skin cells, resulting in improved skin tone, creates a lifting effect. Skin looks young, supple, fresh and radiant.
Peels can also be used in various cosmetic problems such as scarring, skin aging, pigmentation, acne scars.

The essence of the peeling is the best possible way to cleanse your face from dead skin particles. Then your skin begins to recover rapidly and well updated. Very fashionable procedure, among other things, known since antiquity. Modern technology offers chemical peels, which can be of varying intensity:

Superficial peels remove the top layer of dead skin cells that gives skin a natural color, freshness and smoothness.
Medium peels already penetrates more deeply and removes all the horny layer, providing a strong anti-aging effect.
There is also a deep peeling – it aggressively rejuvenates cells, but this procedure is performed only in hospitals.

Winter – it’s time to put your face in order to make your skin clean and luxurious!
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