The history of face fitness

The history of face fitness. Who came up with this concept and how did it become so popular? 

Facial gymnastics is not a new invention. For the first time the idea of ​​”face culture” was embodied by German surgeon Reinhold Berz in the early 20th century.

The idea came to him when he saw the contrast between beautiful trained body of a 40-years-old ballerina, and her already sluggish face.

Later, Eva Fraser proposed her own set of exercises for 10 minutes daily, and even wrote a book about it. For Eva herself, the exercises were very effective. At 82, she looked like she was 50-60 years old.

Carol Magio from America developed a new way of facelift. It’s based on working with each muscle group separately. The goal is to increase the volume of facial muscles so they become tighter and “hold” the skin in its proper place. You use fingers as your facial “dumbbells”.

History of face fitness

Carol looks like she is 40 at the age of 64.

Many fitness trainers and doctors developed and implemented their own methods of face fitness. But every person is an individual, so not every person could benefit by a certain technique of that time 🤷‍♀

Medicine and cosmetology don’t stay the same. Modern fitness is already very versatile and safe, but there are limitations and safety precautions that you need to follow.

It is also very important to watch your diet and emotional balance.

Do you think that you need to do some sort of face fitness or can you manage staying young only with proper nutrition and beauty treatments?

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