Tibetian face massage.

Regular tibetian face massage revitalizes the body energy, opening and clearing important energy channels, making the skin more smooth, firm and bright, stregthening the muscles of the face, and has pronounced lifting effect, face becomes smooth and clean.

Tibetian face massage – is excellent remedy for the treatment not only aging skin, also massage is effective for earlier wrinkles.

тибетский массаж лица
face is worked on a deeper level

Prophilactive sculptural massage can be done since 25 years. Massage specialist, as a skilled sculpture, sculpts the face of client, giving him ideal lines and counturs. Because of such impact the face architechtonic, which returns ideal young oval.

Face is worked on deeper level:

  • singular plastic (eyelid surgery)
  • myofascial massage (work with muscles)
  • consideration of all face points
  • work with facial muscles in the mouth
Тибетский массаж
powerful lifting effect

The Procedure of such massage process provides a powerful lifting, noticeable after the first procedure.
Lifting – one of the important effects, for which this massage operatin is carried out.
The special face cream is absorbed during procedure and provides additional effective massage.



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