The truth about vacuum hydro peeling (hydrafacial). 

The truth about vacuum hydro peeling (hydrаfacial). 

Lots of women love vacuum facial peeling (hydrаfacial) because it’s very effective in deep cleansing and problem skin treatment. 

The classic version of hydrаfacial procedure includes 3 steps:

✅ Total skin cleansing (removal of subcutaneous fat, dirt and makeup leftovers).
✅ Deep hydration of the dermis.
✅ Complex cosmetic care treatment using health improving serums to achieve the best effect.

vacuum hydro peeling hydrаfacial. 

In some difficult cases, the procedure may consist of 5 or more steps.

Advantages of vacuum hydro peeling (hydrаfacial) procedure:

❇ It’s very effective to clean skin from different impurities.
❇ It reduces oily shine and evens out the skin tone.
❇ It has healing and the anti-aging effect.
❇ It is absolutely non-invasive, hypoallergenic and safe.
❇ There are no negative side effects.
❇ It’s suitable for any type of skin


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