Why does our skin is aging with time?

Today I want to analyze the most popular women’s problem – age-related skin changes

There are many reasons for this process, but here are the main ones :
🔴 External mechanical effects: climatic fluctuations, temperature effects, harmful air impurities.
🔴 Diseases, weakened immunity.
🔴 Hormonal changes (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, etc.)
🔴 Periodical slowing down of metabolism: useful substances get delivered to the cells at a much slower rate, decomposition products don’t get removed as fast as before.

How does the skin aging happens?
Stages of this process:
🔵 Rapid depletion of the lipid layer
🔵 Decrease of moisture and fat content in skin tissues

🔵 Blood vessels deliver nutrients to the skin cells much slower, because they become thinner. Therefore the vascular grid appears.
🔵 Hyaluronic acid production decreases, collagen and elastin fibers become thinner.
🔵 Due to the slowdown of metabolic processes, the lymph outflow also slows down. This provokes the appearance of strong edema.
🔵 Thinned skin sags and wrinkles.

But this process can be greatly slowed down; all you need to do is take care of your skin. You should use nourishing creams, masks, facial gymnastics, have proper nutrition, drink enough water and of course, you should regularly visit the cosmetologist.

In order to maintain beauty and health I’ve been drinking water purified by the Japanese cleansing system “Kangen Water” for a long time by now.

And what do you do to slow down aging?

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